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(5TYNK) Monday, September 14, 2020


1. The U.S. tops 6.5 million coronavirus cases with over 194,000 related deaths. The Maine CDC reported one new death and 29 new cases on Sunday. Maine’s death toll is 136 w/ 501 active cases. Five deaths have now been linked to the Millinocket wedding at the Big Moose Inn.

2. An outbreak of COVID-19 at Saint Joseph’s College has the school in a “study in place” program for all students. All classes will be held remotely and students must stay in their dorm rooms as much as possible.

3. Today is the first day for some of the largest school districts in Maine, including Portland, Lewiston, and Auburn. Many schools in the state have adopted some sort of hybrid model, mixing in-person and remote learning.

4. In Friday’s US Senate debate when pressed by Sara Gideon about whether or not she supports Trump, Susan Collins declined to take a position. “I don’t think the people of Maine need my advice on whom to support for president,” Collins said. Gideon responded later in the debate, “It’s not that Mainers need advice on who to vote for…They want to know who their Senator thinks should be leading us.” Still, Collins did not say whether or not she will vote in favor of four more years of Trump.

5. The Cam Newton era began in New England with two rushing touchdowns from the QuarterBack and a 21-11 Patriots win over the Dolphins on Sunday. Tom Brady didn’t fare so well with his new squad. The ex Patriots QB threw 2 interceptions in his first game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a 34-23 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

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