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(5TYNK) Thursday, December 3, 2020


1. The U.S. tops 13.9 million Covid-19 cases with over 273,000 deaths. The Maine CDC reported 4 new deaths and 232 new cases on Tuesday. Maine’s death toll is 218 with 2,426 active cases.

2. The CDC announced quarantine can now end after 10 days without a COVID-19 test if the person reports no symptoms, or 7 days with a negative test result if the person reports no symptoms, but noted the previously established 14 days of quarantine is still the best way to reduce the risk of virus spread. Governor Mills says requirements for visitors to Maine have not changed. Unless you’re coming from New Hampshire or Vermont, anyone arriving in Maine still has to quarantine for 14 days or have a negative test within 72 hours.

3. Hospital systems across the state are lining up ultra-cold freezers and preparing to vaccinate staff and other high-risk groups within weeks. Vaccination of the general public may not begin until spring 2021 and many Mainers may not be vaccinated until later next year.

4. Two armed suspects assaulted and robbed a medical marijuana delivery driver in Portland Tuesday night. They are investigating two similar crimes that occurred in October. In all three cases the suspects used cell phone apps to request the delivery and provided drivers licenses or medical marijuana cards that were stolen to the delivery company.

5. Target is planning to open a new store in Auburn, the company confirmed on Wednesday. The store will be located at the old Kmart on Center Street.

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