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(5TYNK) Thursday, November 12, 2020


1. The U.S. tops 10.4 million Covid-19 cases with over 241,000 deaths. The Maine CDC reported 2 new deaths and 142 new cases on Tuesday. Maine’s death toll is 158 with 1,818 active cases.

2. The surge in COVID-19 cases across Maine is also having an impact on local colleges and universities. At Bates College in Lewiston, there are eight active cases of COVID-19. More than 400 people in the Bates community were tested on Monday. At St. Joseph’s College in Standish, four people within the campus community have tested positive. The University of Maine System is reporting 37 known cases of COVID-19 across its seven campuses. Students within the UMaine System will not return to campus after the Thanksgiving holiday.

3. Health experts are urging Mainers to keep Thanksgiving celebrations small this year. The CDC’s recommended guidance is to stay home, don’t travel, if you do have a gathering keep it small, and wear masks. Testing is not always effective. There is a lag time between exposure and ability to detect the virus. Someone who is exposed to COVID-19 at the airport may not test positive if they immediately receive a test afterward.

4. David Reidmiller, a scientist at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, is joining the transition team for President-elect Joe Biden — a title President Donald Trump disputes. Previously, he served in the U.S. State Department’s Office of Global Change during the Obama administration.

5. National Happy Hour Day – Try to honor the tradition of gathering for after-work drinks virtually today. We are still dealing with this COVID thing.

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