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(5TYNK) Wednesday, September 23, 2020


1. The U.S. tops 6.8 million coronavirus cases with over 200,000 related deaths. The idea of 200,000 deaths is sobering… and in some respects stunning…” said infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci. The Maine CDC reported no new deaths and 40 new cases on Tuesday. Maine’s death toll is 140 w/ 599 active cases.

2. The Sanford High outbreak is being tentatively linked to a pickup football game and a sunrise gathering of seniors earlier this month. There are now a total of seven cases of the virus involving the Baker Company in Sanford and 5 cases involving the Sanford Wolves club. Dr. Shah said the virus had touched nearly every part of the Sanford community.

3. Sen. Susan Collins told reporters Tuesday if there is a Supreme Court nominee prior to the election, she would oppose it. Trump says he expects to announce his pick for the Supreme Court by Friday or Saturday.

4. A people’s veto to repeal ranked choice voting will not appear on the November ballot, after a decision by the Maine Supreme Court on Tuesday. Maine will be the first state to use ranked choice voting in a presidential election. It will also be used once again in Congressional races.

5. The CDC issued its first coronavirus guidelines on how to safely celebrate Halloween–and they say don’t go for candy door to door. The CDC ranks “traditional trick-or-treating” among its riskiest Halloween activities. They recommend “lower-risk activities” like virtual Halloween costume contests and Halloween scavenger hunts.

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