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1. Quinton Hanna’s court hearing was delayed on Thursday, after he allegedly assaulted a corrections officer, sending him to the hospital. There’s still no clear motive for the murder of Jim Pearson and the other violent crimes, but Quinton Hanna’s mother reported he’s schizophrenic and may have been off his medication. (WGME)

2. Maine Rep. Jared Golden, the sole Congressman who cast a split vote on the decision to impeach President Trump, said “I voted my heart without fear about politics at all.” Stephen King tweeted prior to the vote: “If my congressman, Jared Golden, votes for only one article of impeachment, I will work with all my might to see him defeated next year.” (WGME)

3.Westbrook police are warning residents in the Seavey Street neighborhood to be on alert after they may have interrupted a burglary in progress Thursday morning. (WGME)

4. Yellow Duck has warmed up to the mallard she was introduced to Sunday, said her owner, Chris Morris, who posted a personals ad on a community bulletin board at the Blue Hill Co-op last week seeking a companion for his lonely duck. The Morris’ named their new duck Mr. Graham in homage to Aubrey Graham aka Drake, which is also the term used to describe male ducks that are sexually mature. (WGME)

5. Hot Radio Maine, we’re closing out the decade and bringing in 2020 at Thompson’s Point. New Year’s Eve Halo At The Point hosted by Ryan Deelon and Hayley w/ DJ Jon providing the music. Get Your Tickets Here – bit.ly/HotRadioNYE

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