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(5TYNTK) Friday, June 21, 2019

1. It’s something a lot of Mainers do, but soon, Maine could become the 20th state to ban holding your phone while driving. Once the engine starts and you’re behind the wheel, if a phone is in your hands and not in a hands-free device, police could pull you over and fine you if this ban becomes law. (WGME)

2. The Encore Boston Harbor casino opens Sunday at 10am and will stay open All night. All day. Every day. The front door doesn’t even have a lock, according to Encore Boston Harbor’s president. The $2.6 billion casino resort is 3.1 million square feet, has 671 hotel rooms and suites, and a 17-treatment-room spa. Friday and Saturday night in a “premier king” for a weekend in August clocked in at a total of $1,843. 88 poker tables. 3,158 to be exact. Alcohol will be served until 2 a.m. except for people who are actively gambling. They can be served until 4 a.m. (Boston Globe)

3. The summer solstice is upon us: Friday, June 21 is the longest day of 2019 for anyone living north of the equator. (Vox)

4. Mysterious orbs over Kansas City freak everyone out, even National Weather Service. National Weather Service tweeted we honestly have no explanation for the floating objects over Kansas City. (Huff Post)

5. HOT SUMMER 2019 Saturday August 31 Maine Savings Pavilion At Rock Row In Westbrook starring Wiz Khalifa, A Boogie, YK Osiris, Iyla Tickets on Sale Now – Hot1047maine.com / waterfrontconcerts.com or locally at the box office located at Aura – 121 Center Street Portland.

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