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(#5TYNTK) July 22, 2016

5 Things You Need To Know Ryan Deelon Krissy

1. Donald Trump took the stage at the Republican National Convention last night to accept his party’s nomination for president. The billionaire made a dramatic entrance (of course) to the theme from the action film Air Force One and vowed to save the country. (USA)

2.The NBA announced Thursday it will move its 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte because of North Carolina’s law that bars local governments from extending civil rights protections to gay and transgender people. The law, which was passed in March, requires transgender individuals to use public restrooms that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificates. (PH)

3. While DVDs rendered video-cassette technology obsolete more than a decade ago, a Japanese company named Funai Corporation actually sold 750,000 VCRs worldwide last year. But in a statement issued yesterday, Funai–the last company to manufacture the machines–said it will cease making VCRs due to such challenges as “difficulty acquiring parts.” (NY)

4. Apparently Pokémon Go fans are doing more than just catching ’em all. Fans of the iconic Nintendo anime franchise have been streaming their favorite Pokémon-related content on Hulu. In the last week, both daily viewers and minutes watched of Hulu’s Pokémon content has risen an average of 13% every day. Netflix also reportedly saw a spike in viewership of its Pokémon content. (Mashable)

5. Hammock Day. This day encourages you to find two sturdy, conveniently located trees and string up a comfy bed… and relax!

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