Home Blog (#5TYNTK) March 17, 2016 (St. Patrick’s Day Edition)

(#5TYNTK) March 17, 2016 (St. Patrick’s Day Edition)

1. Saint Patrick is the main patron saint of Ireland. And according to legend he will be the judge of the Irish on judgement day. He died on March 17 in 461. The Catholic Church names the day when a saint dies a holy day, because it is believed to be the day when they enter heaven.

2. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in Boston, not Ireland, in 1737.

3. President of Ireland, Michael Higgins, will give President Obama a crystal bowl of shamrocks today. The secretly service will promptly destroy the gift.

4. 4.4 Billion dollars will be spent on St. Patrick’s day w/ the average partier spending $35.40. 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed. Cabbage shipments increase 70% the week of St. Patrick’s day.

5. The Chicago River’s green dye job will last 5 hours today. It takes 45 lbs of vegetable-based dye to turn the river green.

Bonus: Ryan Deelon and the Hot 104.7 crew will be broadcasting live from The Green Room‘s St. Patrick’s Day festivities tonight 8pm – 10pm. Stop by and have a green beer or three. Be safe… take a cab, uber, or designate a sober drive!

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