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(5TYNTK) Monday, June 8, 2020


1. Nine of the 12 members of the Minneapolis City Council announced they supported defunding the police department. At a rally Sunday, the group talked about dismantling the current department in favor of a “new transformative model.” “I do not support abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department,” said Mayor Jacob Frey, who was booed a day earlier for a similar sentiment. (FOX)

2. Black Lives Matter demonstrators who marched through Sanford were greeted by several locals standing along the route with guns in hand. Several residents were also seen guarding homes and businesses well into the night. The reaction was prompted, in part, by rumors on social media, posts referencing the loosely organized ‘Antifa’ group coming to Sanford by the busload to create havoc. Details of the perceived threat are similar to numerous other instances across the country where locals have braced for a violent invasion that never came. (WMTW)

3. Portland is responding to recent protests in the city, which could lead to some changes for the city’s police department. The city council plans to meet with police this week to review the department’s policies, training process, and budget. On the national stage, members of Congress are also responding to the nationwide protests. Democrats are planning to introduce legislation that would overhaul legal protections for police and ban police chokeholds. (WGME)

4. The U.S. Coronavirus cases top 1.9 million. America’s death toll stands at more than 110,000. One more Mainer has died and 46 new coronavirus cases have been diagnosed, officials said Sunday. This brings the statewide death toll to 99 and case number to 2,570 of which 607 are active. (PRESS HERALD)

5. On Friday, Barstool Sports published a list of America’s favorite food chains by state, mining data produced by the Public Information and Statistics Society. While Texas went for Whataburger and Dunkin’ reigned in much of the northeast, many Mainers shook their heads in disbelief when Long John Silver took the top spot. “I’m in Maine and I don’t even think we have a Long John Silver’s” one person tweeted. Turns out the map was fake and meant to troll social media. (BARSTOOL)

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