Home 5 Things (5TYNTK) MONDAY, MARCH 9, 2020



1. As of Sunday, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Maine. Coronavirus cases across the US and the world continue to spread. Two new cases in New Hampshire were announced Saturday. Massachusetts has a total of 13 cases. (WGME)

2. When the Bath City Council reviewed their decision last week to trap and kill wildlife, it was met with backlash from the public. This was decided as a way to curb the rabies outbreak. Many residents say they would prefer to have the animals vaccinated. The USDA determined that wasn’t a good solution to the problem. (WGME)

3. Portland Police are warning the public about a scam in which someone is calling people, saying they’re an officer. The caller tells the person on the line they need to turn themselves in to police due to criminal activity. The caller ID on the phone even reflects the Portland Police Department’s front desk. (NEWS CENTER MAINE)

4. It’s National Napping Day. Each year, National Napping Day recognizes our need to nap the day following the return of daylight saving time. Mid-afternoon naps are an integral part of most cultures, and scientifically proven to be good for you. (NATIONAL DAY)

5. Hot 1047 is now Hot Radio Maine. In addition to the new branding and broadcasting to southern Maine on 104.7, we can now be heard on 100.3 FM in Lewiston/Auburn and Brunswick and 102.9 FM in the Bangor/Brewer metro.

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