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(5TYNTK) Thursday, January 13, 2022


1. Under the new COVID-19 guidance, school districts with universal mask mandates can suspend contact tracing. Conducting contact tracing in a timely and thorough manner is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible because of omicron.

2. Shots were fired yesterday in the Scarborough Walmart parking lot. One person who has identified himself as the shooter is in custody. Police are trying to find a vehicle that left the scene and figure out if shots were fired from both vehicles.

3. The state of emergency is ending in Portland today. The city’s minimum wage now drops from $19.50 an hour back to $13 an hour.

4. A new proposed bill would make to-go alcohol permanent in Maine. As of Wednesday, LD 1751 remained in front of The Veterans & Legal Affairs Committee, which it must pass through to get a vote in the whole state Senate.

5. Lay’s potato chips are launching NFL-inspired chips made with potatoes grown in soil from your favorite NFL team’s home field. Lay’s Golden Grounds can’t be purchased, you have to follow @Lays on Twitter and watch for the sweepstakes tweets.

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