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(5TYNTK) Thursday, June 23, 2022


1. Maine reported another decrease in the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 Wednesday. There were 115 patients statewide. Two vaccination clinics have opened in southern Maine for preschool-aged children.

2. The backlash continues over a racist Juneteenth sign posted on the window of the Harry E Reed Insurance Agency in Millinocket. Progressive and Allstate terminated their relationships with the agency. In a statement on Facebook, the person who posted the sign issued an apology.

3. 150 miles away in Damariscotta, Reed Family Insurance Advisors are also facing backlash. The owner thinks people are Googling ‘Reed insurance Maine’ and calling him because his number comes up first. He’s trying to make it clear he did NOT post that sign. There’s no affiliation.

4. First shark sighting of the season off the coast of Harpswell! Harpswell Neck resident Jim Scrivens reported seeing a great white shark (12 foot or so) attack a seal at Potts Point Tuesday evening.

5. Hot Beach Bash starring Lil Jon is on July 21st at Bernie’s Beach Bar on Hampton Beach. Tickets on sale now – Ticketmaster / HotRadioMaine.Com

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