Home 5 Things (5TYNTK) Tuesday, January 18, 2022

(5TYNTK) Tuesday, January 18, 2022


1. The number of patients in Maine infected with the COVID 19 dropped to 406 from 415 on Sunday (still near-record level). Omicron is infecting more vaccinated people than previous strains, but those hospitalized are overwhelmingly not vaccinated.

2. South Portland is considering a mask mandate similar to Portland and Brunswick. The City Council will hold a workshop discussion Tuesday.

3. Two broadcasters for Houlton based WHOU have been fired after they were heard body-shaming student-athletes during a livestream. “Extremely overweight. Awful,” Jim Carter said of two girls. Steve Shaw commented on finding “uniforms that fit the girls.”

4. Starting on Wednesday, any household can get four free at-home COVID-19 tests by applying at covidtests.gov. The tests will be completely free — there are no shipping costs. Once ordered, the tests should get to you in seven to twelve days.

5. A baby boy was delivered Saturday morning by So Po police Officer Jessica Ramsay, who responded to the call while rescue units were still on their way. The birth happened fast: 4 minutes and 40 seconds after Ramsay got there. When the paramedics arrived, Ramsay was holding the healthy baby.

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