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(5TYNTK) Tuesday, November 30, 2021

1. The new Covid-19 Omicron variant has not been officially spotted in Maine or in the United States. Health Officials say it’s not a matter of if it reaches Maine, but when.

2. The Maine Board of Osteopathic Licensures suspended Waterville’s Dr. Paul Gosselin’s license. They allege he spread misinformation about COVID and inappropriately signed off on vaccine exemption letters. In 2014, he was accused of prescribing himself medications.

3. The driver of an SUV parked it near New York Fried Chicken in Portland to pick up food from the restaurant and left his sleeping 3-year old brother in the back in a car seat when it was stolen. Officers located the SUV a few minutes later abandoned on Marginal Way. The child was still asleep in the vehicle.

4. The Greyhound mural on Congress St. in Portland is coming down after the wall it’s painted on was declared a safety hazard.

5. The stowaway roadrunner that traveled from Las Vegas to Westbrook in the back of a moving van this month has been safely returned to Nevada. The bird took a direct flight from Logan to Vegas. Nevada officials transported the roadrunner to its home neighborhood and released the bird from its plastic carrier.

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