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(5TYNTK) Wednesday, April 29, 2020


1. The United States coronavirus cases top 1,012,000. America’s death toll stands at more than 58,300 surpassing all American casualties from the Vietnam War between 1955 and 1975. (CNN)

2. As of Tuesday’s Maine CDC briefing no new coronavirus related deaths were reported, keeping the state’s total at 51. There have been 1,040 cases reported in all 16 Maine counties. 163 people have been hospitalized. 585 Mainers have recovered. Officials caution that the number of cases in Maine is actually significantly higher because many individuals with symptoms are not being tested. (WGME)

3. Tuesday afternoon Governor Janet Mills revealed her four stage plan to re-open Maine’s economy. The first stage begins Friday. Gatherings of more than 10 people are still prohibited and people entering or returning to Maine from out of state must still quarantine for 14 days. Barber shops, hair salons, pet grooming drive-in movie theaters, car washes, auto dealerships will be allowed to reopen w/ restrictions. Limited drive-in, stay-in-your vehicle religious services are ok’d. Hunting, fishing, and restricted use of golf courses allowed. (PRESS HERALD)

4. The second stage tentatively begins June 1 and includes opening restaurants, fitness centers, and more w/ gatherings being limited to 50 people. Stage three tentatively begins July 1 and includes opening lodging, bars, spas, tattoo parlors and more while keeping the limit on gatherings to 50 people. Stage four’s timeline is undetermined and would include lifting restrictions and allowing all businesses and activities to resume with appropriate safety precautions.

5. Hillary Clinton endorsed Joe Biden for president on Tuesday. “Just think of what a difference it would make right now if we had a president who not only listened to the science … but brought us together,” said Clinton. Biden said to Clinton later that, “I wish we were doing this the other way, me endorsing you for Pres. You should have won the 2016 election, you had the most votes.” (AP)

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