Home 5 Things (5TYNTK) WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2020


1. Iran retaliated against the U.S. on Tuesday firing more than 12 ballistic missiles at two Iraqi bases housing U.S. troops. There were no immediate reports of casualties. Iran warned the U.S. not to retaliate, saying any Mideast base that does will itself be targeted. President Trump tweeted “All is well!”after the attacks, and is expected to address the nation today. (WASHINGTON POST)

2. Blinding sun, coming in at the worst possible angle, is being blamed for the massive 30-car chain reaction crash on I-95 in Carmel yesterday. Nearly a dozen people were admitted to the hospital, mostly with scrapes and bruises, one with a fracture and one by life flight. (NEWS CENTER MAINE)

3. Yesterday, the leaders of the city’s health and human services and economic development committees said they would probably need to meet two more times before they could even send proposed marijuana rules to the City Council for a possible vote, most likely sometime in March. (PRESS HERALD)

4. Finland’s new 34-year-old prime minister wants her citizens on a 24hour four-day workweek. Sanna Marin, who took office and became the world’s youngest prime minister in December leads the country’s five-party, all-woman center-left coalition government. (CNBC)

5. Girl Scout cookie season officially kicked off yesterday, and with it, the introduction of Lemon-Ups, crispy and sweet glazed lemon cookies that sport positive messages like “I am a go-getter.” Lemon-Ups will take the place of Savannah Smiles. (PEOPLE)

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