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(5TYNTK) Wednesday, July 17, 2019

1. On Tuesday night, the Democratic-led House voted to condemn President Trump’s “racist comments” against four congresswomen of color, despite protestations by Trump’s allies and himself saying he doesn’t have “a racist bone in [his] body.” Texas Rep. Al Green has introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, potentially forcing a vote this week on whether to remove the president from office. (WGME)

2. According to The Washington Post, there are now more tigers kept in captivity in the U.S. than there are tigers living in the wild worldwide. It is believed that there is less than 4,000 tigers living in the wild, but there are more that reside in zoos, facilities and breeding farms in the U.S. Over-breeding can be a problem, but federal agencies are generally slow to crack down on these issues, in spite of the tiger’s place on the endangered animal list. (Washington Post)

3. A 1 ½ bath and two-bedroom home in Los Feliz, California just came on the market for $1.98 million, but, with this house, there’s a catch. This is where the Charles Manson cultists murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca on August 10, 1969, a day after actress Sharon Tate and four others were murdered by the same group. The listing agent says that he doesn’t think anyone cares about what happened a long time ago, but although he is not legally required to inform buyers of the home’s past, he is upfront with them when showing them the home. (LA Times)

4. Maine could be feeling the heat, even beyond this week. A new study published by the “Union of Concerned Scientists” predicts Maine could see a more than 10-fold increase in the number of heat waves over the next 50 years. The study suggests that Maine could see on average 14 days with a heat index above 90 degrees by the year 2050. Right now, Maine only sees one. Scientists believe the hot summers are a consequence of climate change. (WGME)

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