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(5TYNTK) Wednesday, June 10, 2020


1. More than 500 mourners in masks packed a Houston church Tuesday to pay tribute to George Floyd. Floyd’s brother, Rodney, said, “everybody is going to remember him around the world. He is going to change the world.” The funeral capped six days of mourning for Floyd in three cities. Floyd was later buried in a private grave-side ceremony in Pearland, Texas. (REUTERS)

2. President Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory about the 75-year-old who was shoved by cops in Buffalo. “He fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?” The man’s lawyer says, “We are at a loss to understand why the president would make such dark, dangerous and untrue statements.” The man remains hospitalized after the incident. (BUZZFEED)

3. Eamon White of Buxton has created a piece of art of George Floyd, that’s now been seen by millions. After posting it to Instagram, he reached out to David Ortiz. Just a few hours later, Ortiz posted it for his 2.2 million followers to see. Eamon says he will be hanging up posters and stickers around Portland in hopes to create change. (WGME)

4. The U.S. Coronavirus cases top 1.9 million. America’s death toll stands at more than 112,000. One additional person died of COVID-19 in Maine on Tuesday, marking the 100th death in the state since the pandemic began. 514 active cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the state of Maine. (PRESS HERALD)

5. In Italy, Burger King has been selling a “social distancing” Whopper. The burger has three times the amount of onions as a regular Whopper. “The Whopper with triple onions that keeps others away from you,” reads one tagline. (BRANDEATING)

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