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(Album) Logic Drops Anticipated “Young Sinatra IV”

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Logic returns with a dose of something his day one fanbase has been asking for: some real hip-hop.

Continuing his highly acclaimed “Young Sinatra” mixtape series that gained him fame in his early days, Logic delivers on his promise to “bring some boom bap for the Rattpack.” After all, not many people can say they have the entire Wu-Tang featured on one of their songs.

Regarding the new album in relation to some of his previous work, Logic says, “I’ma be honest. This is one of the best albums I’ve ever made. This shit is so boom-bap, it’s so hip-hop, and the reason it’s special is because if I release boom-bap after boom-bap after boom-bap, it wouldn’t be that fucking dope. You gotta put some trap in that shit.”

Featured on the outro of the opening track “Thank You” is a few minutes of voicemails from fans all across the world thanking Logic for his music and his message. Among those messages is a caller from Portland, ME, by the name of Katie. Way to represent, Katie! You can hear her message begin at the 5:06 mark of the song.

Check out a few of the stand out tracks below!

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