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(Breakup Alert) J Lo Breaks It Off With Casper Due To Guys Night


Gentlemen, never tell your girl you’ll be there, and then leave her hanging. J Lo called it quits IMMEDIATELY after her man Casper snubbed her fancy Hamptons charity event to hang with his boys at UFC 202 instead.

Here’s the thing though, in case you’re trying to take Casper’s side, J Lo had previously told him it was super important for him to accompany her to Ron Perelman’s Hamptons fundraiser Saturday night benefiting the Apollo Theater.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough for Casper, because he stayed his selfish ass in Vegas with his squad to watch the McGregor VS. Nate Diaz fight. (Despite the circumstances though, he had an awesome time hanging with Kanye & UFC announcer Bruce Buffer according to the pictures online…yea good for him).


Hope it was worth it Casper, you just got yourself dumped on the spot, no discussion. The funny part though, is that Casper was telling his squad at the fight that he was flying out on Sunday to NYC to watch Jennifer film a show with no idea his no-show would end things before he got a chance to get out there and apologize.

Don’t mess with strong girls!! We know what we deserve!!

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