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(Entertainment) Gronk’s Tinder Tips

Gronk has fessed up to using Tinder and even offered his tips for using the dating app. “No one believed it was me,” he told SVP and Russillo producer Outsider Mike about using Tinder during training camp. “It was fun, though!” Here are the stud’s four bits of advice for single folks on the prowl:

  1. Don’t be picky! “You’ve got to hit the swipe right button for every single one.”
  2. Utilize pickup lines: “Use the pickup lines they give you. Type in ‘pickup lines on Tinder’ and use those lines.”
  3. Have fun: “You can’t be too serious, it’s Tinder!”
  4. Show ’em the muscles: Gronk advises asking ladies, “‘Hey, do you work out, ’cause I’m ripped, I’m jacked,’ and send them a picture with your shirt off. Something like that and they’ll be like, ‘Whoa, this guy is serious. I like him.'”

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