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(Entertainment) Jimmy Fallon’s Football Superlatives

In the latest round of ‘Tonight Show Superlatives,’ Jimmy Fallon took aim at both the Patriots and the Falcons. On Wednesday night, Fallon poked fun at several players from both teams by assigning them high school-style superlatives. Fallon has given crazy creative labels to Patriots stars in the past – he once dubbed Gronk “Most Likely To Have His Eyes, Ears, And Tongue Pop Out When You Squeeze Him Hard” and Danny Amendola “Most Likely To Look Exactly The Same If His Eyes And Eyebrows Switched Places.”

This time, Jimmy Fallon set his sights on six other Pats players – including linebacker Kyle Van Noy, who he labeled “Most Likely To Be Drake’s Wii Avatar.” All of the hilarious superlatives were all in good fun, but we noticed that the majority of the jokes were at the expense of the Patriots. It’s alright, Jimmy, we know you’re a fellow Patriots fan – we’ll let it slide.

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