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(Entertainment) Kristen Bell Hosts Promposal On Jimmy Kimmel

Last night, Kristen Bell filled in as a guest host for Jimmy Kimmel and – while she had pretty big shoes to fill – she did a pretty great job. She even added in her opening monologue, “I know this is probably different for all of you, since you’re used to watching Jimmy at this time. Let’s be honest, You bought a ticket to Rogue One, and now you’re watching Matt Damon’s China Wall ponytail movie. I get it, and I’m sorry. But tonight, think of me as your babysitter. So, I guess… Whatever. Fend for yourselves while I make out with my boyfriend on your parent’s bed.”

Before Kristen brought out guests Charlie Hunnam and Adam Scott, she played a game with “randomly” selected guests from the audience. However, it was all an elaborate promposal set up by a high school boy named Michael. At the end of the game, Michael asked his potential date, and she said yes!

“Oh! Thank goodness,” Kristen said after the girl said yes. “You guys will be receiving a Kristen Bell live prom package including a glam session for Sara, a tux rental for Michael, a stretch limo for both of you, and a case of beer! Just kidding about the beer. Congratulations!”

Check out the clip to see how it all went down!

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