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(Entertainment) Rob Kardashian Got A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Blac Chyna seen at Launch of the New Amber Rose Eyewear Collection at Kitson-Melrose on Wednesday, August 27, 2015, in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Invision/AP)

When will it end, my friends? 

Well, it all began because Rob Kardashian was offended because supposedly his family didn’t invite the mother of this child, Blac Chyna, to THEIR baby shower (which, come on, is kinda rude).

rob-1But then, he took it a little far and TWEETED out Kylie’s number… not cool.

rob-2“Rob Dog” LOL get out of here with that.

ANYWAY, they got over that. And then Blac Chyna flipped on Rob because she thought he was texting other ladies. So she did the ONE thing she could do to guarantee that he would have to change his number… she tweeted out HIS phone number.


This is pretty harsh, but I think it’s kind of good payback for what he did to Kylie. Ladies, would you ever put your boo on blast like that?

Image Source: AP Images 

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