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(Explicit) Trump Supporter Pepper Sprays Trump Protester At Rally

WARNING: There is profanity used in this video.

Hard to believe a 15 year old girl (apparently named Alex) could have such a salty mouth on her! Just kidding, it’s not hard to believe at all. I’ll chalk that one up to the internet.

Juuuuust a whole bunch of didn’t-need-to-happen going on in this video, though. Only they know the real story, but I’m assuming no one needed to “touch” Alex to begin with, and her opposition probably should have backed down before this even began. He was easily in his 40’s-50’s. What are you doing arguing with a 15 year old girl, bro? By all means, you have the right to support Donnie T, but does it really have to get violent? (Actually, that seems to be the theme at his rallies)

And as for Ms. Alex, what ever happened to a peaceful protest, girl?

All I know is this is the most predictable “Donald Trump Supporter vs. Protester” incident to ever happen and no one should be surprised by this at all. B’lieve Dat.

– Mike Desveaux

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