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(Funny) $290m Polar Research Boat Could Be Named Boaty McBoatface

I always like to inform our listeners with important news stories. This one in particular is absolute gold. For some unbelievable reason, Natural Environment Research Council decided it was a fantastic idea to seek the internet’s help in naming their $290 million Polar Research boat. Some of the top name suggestions were serious, such as: Endeavor, or Falcon. The front runner, however, is Boaty McBoatface and I couldn’t be happier. There are rumors that NERC won’t actually follow through with this, which is a bummer. Maybe they should tap the next best name, and my personal favorite: David Attenborough. You know, the legendary narrator of Planet Earth, and every other nature documentary to ever be produced in the history of documentaries? Honor that great man by slapping his name on a Polar Research ship. It only makes sense. B’lieve Dat.

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– Mike Desveaux

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