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(Intern) Meet Our New Summer Intern Lillian!

Holaa everyone! I’m Lillian Lema and I’m attending the University of Southern Maine with a double major in communication & media Studies and a minor in business administration and video & audio production. Coming this fall, I’ll be a senior at USM, which brings mixed emotions of excitement and uncertainty. Music and film has always been a passion of mine due to the various messages and emotions that can be portrayed in those platforms. These two art platforms help bring people together and helps us understand one another. My music genre starts at 70’s Rock n’ Roll and continues until today’s contemporary music. Growing up in a Latin household, cumbia, salsa, bachata, baladas, and reggaeton have all had an influence on my music taste. One of my favorite Latin Rock bands is Mana, who are going on tour this fall and I will be attending there concert in NYC!! During my free time I like to write, read, listen to music, watch movies (especially foreign movies), traveling the world, and going out to eat with my friends. I’m excited to spend my summer with the Hot 104.7 team and taking in all the new experiences that I will be learning.

You can follow me on Instagram @LillianLema

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