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(Interview) Your Vote Matters – Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap

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Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap Joined Hot Radio Maine to Discuss the Importance of Voting, Registration & More.

Thursday morning Matthew Dunlap, the Maine Secretary of State, joined Ryan Deelon on Hot Radio Maine for a conversation.  The conversation aired statewide across Hot Radio Maine’s three signals and centered around the topic of voting in Maine including the importance of voting, registration, deadlines and more.  They also discussed absentee voting and added clarity to a topic that has made national headlines.  In emphasizing the case for voting, Secretary Dunlap said “This is how we chart the course for the future.  This is what people in the military have died for.. so that we can have the right to govern ourselves.  And, if for no other reason than out of respect for those who came before us people should participate in their democracy.”

The conversation with Secretary Dunlap follows a previous conversation with Maine’s Democrat nominee for Senate, Sara Gideon and is part of the Hot Radio Maine “Your Vote Matters” campaign.  The campaign is focusing considerable airtime and energy to encourage voting in Maine, particularly in the younger demographic of the state. In echoing the message of the campaign on the importance of each vote, Secretary Dunlap said “Come with me to a recount where you have the balance of power in the legislature being decided by six or seven votes so every vote really, truly, does matter.  And if you don’t show up then you’re letting someone else decide your future.”  

For the 2020 election Hot Radio Maine and its partners plan to once again support Election Day. Historical efforts have included live broadcasts, providing food and coffee at the polls and offering information on how and where Mainers can register and vote in their community.

Maine Voter Info including the location of your voting place, the candidates that will appear on your ballot, and your elected officials and how to contact them.

1 VoteCloser non-partisan, non-profit organization designed to help people understand a variety of complicated issues so that they can make intelligent, informed decisions when they vote in local, state, or national elections.

Listen to Ryan Deelon’s full conversation with Sara Gideon here:

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