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Lil Baby Said Young Thug Paid Him To Leave The Hood To Become A Rapper

The Atlanta hip-hop scene seems to be the breeding grounds for some of the biggest names in the rap game today. Lil Baby who has taken the industry by storm over a course of a year, says Young Thug had a big role in his success.

In a recent interview with XXL, Lil Baby explained how his career all started with Young Thug pushing him to get in the studio. After being incarcerated for two years, Baby wanted to hustle a different way.

“Young Thug really paid me to leave the neighborhood,” he recalled. He continued to recount how Thug kept on persuading him, offering to pay for whatever money he lost that day. “I was makin’ more money hustlin’ than I was rappin’ so I was more into hustlin’ but I wasn’t lookin’ at the bigger picture of rappin’ to where I am today,” he said. Watch the full interview below.

Young Thug and Machine Gun Kelly are currently on tour and will be performing at the Cross Insurance Arena on October 12th.

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