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(Local) Cellardoor Winery Is Coming Back To Portland

Photo Credit - Cellardoor Winery

When I first heard the news that Cellardoor Winery was returning to Portland it felt like a dream come true. I was crushed when they closed their doors in 2020 after the pandemic hit hard. 

I kept regretting all the weekends I said I’d go, then thought “I’ll just go next weekend.” Then next weekend didn’t exist. 


Cellardoor announced that they would soon be opening their doors again this summer! However, they won’t be at Thompson’s Point this time around. Instead, you can find them at 127 Middle Street–right in the Old Port! So convenient. 

I’m not going to blow this second chance though. When I say I’m going to the tasting room, I’ll really mean it. I can just picture the good times and taste the great wines now. 

Make sure to keep up with their Facebook for a grand reopening announcement! I’m sure I’ll see you there. 

Cheers everyone!

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