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(LOL) #WhenTrumpIsElected Mock’s Trump’s Presidential Campaign

The hashtag #WhenTrumpIsElected became the top trending hashtag on Twitter for New York users on Monday. Naturally, plenty of jokes (especially about his hair) appeared as users speculated what the United States will be like if the controversial billionaire becomes President. Whether you would vote for Trump or not, take a minute and have a laugh at Trump’s expense. Here are 10 of the most amusing tweets that are currently out there:

1.  #WhenTrumpIsElected DonaldCare will cover spray tans, highlights, and Botox.
2.  #WhenTrumpIsElected he’ll divorce our country for a younger, prettier country.
3.  #WhenTrumpIsElected Canada will erect a huge wall to prevent mass emigration.
4.  #WhenTrumpIsElected he will create middle-class jobs by paying them to cheer for him during his speeches.
5.  #WhenTrumpIsElected The Purge will be a real thing.
6.  #WhenTrumpIsElected the first illegal immigrant he must deport is that undocumented worker living on his head.
7.  #WhenTrumpIsElected he better deport his immigrant wife, otherwise he’s a hypocrite.
8.  #WhenTrumpIsElected his hair will have its own Secret Service agent.
9.  #WhenTrumpIsElected Air Force One will be remade into Hair Force One.
10.  #WhenTrumpIsElected we’ll have to get a classier flag. With more gold ‘n stuff.

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