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(Maine Winner) Secret Santa Week #4 | Pat from OOB

Congratulations to our Week #4 Hot 104.7 Great Falls Marketing Secret Santa winner, Pat from OOB. She tracked down our fourth Santa, Gillian, at her place of employment Wednesday at 10:25AM. Here’s how the clues broke down…

Monday 7:20am: The Secret Santa is the same height as Usher. (Gillian and Usher are both 5’7″)

Monday 5:20pm: The Secret Santa was born the same year Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was released. (Gillian was born in 1987)

Tuesday 7:20am: The county the Secret Santa works in had a population of 292,500 in 2017. (Cumberland County)

Tuesday 5:20pm: The Secret Santa’s workplace has 5 different locations. (Gillian works at Green with Envy Salon. They have 5 locations.)

Wednesday 7:20am: The Secret Santa works less than 1 mile from where the first Secret Santa worked. (Gillian works at the Green with Envy Salon located on Congress Street. It is less than 1 mile away from Rivalries.)

These are all the clues Pat from OOB needed to find Gillian at Green With Envy Salon and win her $1,000.

The Final Hot 104.7 Great Falls Marketing Secret Santa of the season hits the streets of Southern Maine on 12/03 with another $1,000. Listen for clues weekdays at 7:20AM w/ Ryan & Krissy and 5:20PM w/ Hayley. Clues will be posted on IG, Twitter, and FB 30 minutes later. Use the clues. Find the Secret Santa. Be the first to ask him or her the correct question, exactly as it is here – “Are you the Hot 104.7 Great Falls Marketing Secret Santa?” and WIN $1000.

Full Contest Rules Here

The Hot 104.7 Secret Santa contest is made Hot in Maine by Great Falls Marketing. Hiring inbound sales and customer service agents in Westbrook. Apply online at GreatFallsMarketing.com

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