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(Maine Winner) Secret Santa Week #5 | Rebecca from Saco

Congratulations to our final Hot 104.7 Great Falls Marketing Secret Santa winner of the season, Rebecca from Saco. She tracked down our fifth Santa, Zach, at his place of employment Wednesday at 10:35AM. Here’s how the clues broke down…

Monday 7:20am: Secret Santa works in a different county than every other Santa this season. (Zach is our only Santa from York county.)

Monday 5:20pm: Secret Santa has the same eye color as Britney Spears. (Both Zach & Britney have brown eyes.)

Tuesday 7:20am: Secret Santa is 71 Cheez-Its tall. (Zach is 5’11” – the same height of 71 Cheez-Its.)

Tuesday 5:20pm: Secret Santa is the same gender as week 2’s Santa. (Zach is a man just like Dickie from week 2.)

Wednesday 7:20am: Secret Santa has more tattoos than Krissy. (Zach is covered in tattoos.)

These are all the clues Rebecca from Saco needed to find Zach at Venom Ink and win her $1,000.

Full Contest Rules Here

The Hot 104.7 Secret Santa contest is made Hot in Maine by Great Falls Marketing. Hiring inbound sales and customer service agents in Westbrook. Apply online at GreatFallsMarketing.com

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