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(News) 5 Things You Need To Know- January 15, 2016

  1. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz had a bitter battle last night at the Republican debate. Trump questioned Cruz’s eligibility to serve as commander in chief, given that he was born in Canada. Meanwhile, Cruz accused Trump of having “New York values” and insinuated that he wasn’t conservative enough for Republican voters.

  2. The Maine house voted against impeaching Governor Paul LePage. The vote was 96-52 to not impeach him. Instead, the House passed a vaguely worded resolution that praises cooperation and civil behavior but doesn’t mention LePage.

  3. In Wells, a woman who had been dead for two years was just discovered in her home. Neighbors said they had never talked to her and had never even seen her. They assumed nobody lived there. Last week, police opened an investigation after the town told them she hadn’t paid property taxes for years.

  4. Actor Alan Rickman, who was best know for his roles as Professor Snape in Harry Potter and as Hans Gruber in Die Hard, passed away yesterday at the age of 69 after a battle with cancer.

  5. Instagram user ThisGuysTheLimit has been trolling the internet saying he won the Powerball jackpot and he will share with anyone who shares his photo. He photoshopped a ticket and made it look like the winning ticket. The caption on the photo reads “OMG I WON $1.5 BILLION!!!!! I’m posting this in case anyone tries to jack me this is proof! Look it up, I bought in chino hills where I grew up! #powerball” The photo received 118,000 likes on Instagram and 123,656 retweets on Twitter. The identity of the real winners remains unknown.


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