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(News) 5 Things You Need To Know- January 20, 2016

1. Governor  Paul LePage signed a $3.7 million drug-fighting bill yesterday. The Bill will act as a first response to an epidemic of overdoses and skyrocketing demand for addiction treatment services. The money will help fund 10 new positions for drug investigators in the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, establish and operate a new drug detoxification center, and more.

2. The world’s oldest man, Yasutaro Koide, passed away yesterday at 112 years old in Japan. He received the Guinness World Record certificate for being the oldest man just 6 months ago.

3. The University of Southern Maine will be opening a new two-year international high school on campus. Ideally, the school will initially enroll 50 students and house them in their own dorm on the Gorham campus. They would take existing entry-level courses alongside traditional USM students.

4. SplashData released their annual list of the worst passwords of the year. The classic “123456” tops the list, along with some Star Wars references that were new to the list this year. You can see the whole list here! And if you have one of these passwords, change that thing ASAP!

5. Today is Disc Jockey Day! This day is all about celebrating the hard working entertainers that have brought energy to dance floors across the globe.

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