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(News) Floyd Mayweather Wants Miley As Next Escort

The undefeated fighter, Floyd Mayweather, has announced who he would like to escort him to the ring next: Miley Cyrus. With the increasing attention she’s receiving lately, can you blame Mayweather for choosing her?

“I was thinking about letting the Twerk Queen, Miley Cyrus bring me out. Why not?” Mayweather said. “She is very entertaining, Miley Cyrus is very entertaining,”

“When you’re the best, you only want to deal with the best,” he says about walking to the ring with celebrities.

He also cleared up the “WHY?” question posed for choosing Justin Bieber to escort him for his last fight and he said, “He’s an exceptional artist. He’s the future.”

What might Miley wear for this event? Will she tweak her way to the ring, as possibly expected? Should be interesting!

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