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(News) Kanye And Kim Head To Paris For Fashion Week

Amidst the madness created by the feud with Jimmy Kimmel recently, Kanye West headed to Paris with Kim Kardashian this past Saturday. Their daughter, North, was left with Kim’s family.

As expected, the couple could not get away from the paparazzi, as they were greeted with many photographers and fans while making their way through the city. Though he looks mad in most candid photos, he was actually spotted smiling as he was speaking to some of the locals.

On a darker note, he also plans to press charges on some photographers who he believed to have trespassed on his property at around 4 AM. He has since reviewed security footage and plans to file a police report with hopes that the trespassers are prosecuted for criminal trespassing.

It seems like he just can’t get a peaceful moment to himself, even in Paris.

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