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(News) Kanye West Building Prototypes For Housing Community

(Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

Kanye West has an interesting mind that’s full of creative ideas. The rapper is now trying to bring his latest idea to life by bringing an incredible architectural concept to Calabasas. He has been doing studies and developments to change the industry and his prototypes are now popping up.

Sources say that West is building dome-like structures that are prototypes for a new type of home that he believes will break the barriers that separate financial classes.

Currently, his project is on his 300 acre land he bought a few years ago, with the plan to create a housing community. Below is a picture of the prototype houses:

Construction crews have been working at the Calabasas site for weeks and each structure stands about 50 feet high. The domes and living spaces will be “dynamic” and something that has been Kanye’s stock-in-trade. It’s really great when you see celebrities using their money for good and for others. This initiative has the potential to make many lives better.


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