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(News) Pop Smoke’s Debut Album Cover Art to be Changed After Bad Feedback From Fans

Pop Smoke via Youtube

Virgil Abloh released the final design of Pop Smoke’s cover for his debut album ‘Shoot for the Stars’ yesterday and fans were not having it.. Virgil who is the head menswear designer of Louis Vuitton and founder of Off-White which is widely known for sneaker collabs with Nike and other popular brands isn’t new to doing cover art for rappers.. Abloh has done cover art for the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West and more but this time fans were not having it. After multiple fans commented and replied Virgil eventually deleted the instagram post sharing the cover. 50 Cent also chimed in on Twitter saying “Hey Virgil we need new album art, they ain’t going for this bullshit. Love ya work let’s get to it. Steven i told you this shit was eww let’s get it right!” Eventually Pop Smoke’s Manager Steven Victor tweeted out in seperate tweets “H E A R D YOU” “MAKING A CHANGE” “POP WOULD LISTEN TO HIS FANS.” So I guess now we will have to wait and see what they change the cover to but I can assure you that almost anything would be better.. Popsmokes debut album and first posthumous project ‘Shoot for the Star’ is expected to drop this Friday July 3rd! Let us know what you think of the original cover!

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