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(News) Summer Walker Gives Birth to Twins

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Summer Walker is the mother to twins. She announced the births on her Instagram over the weekend. Walker wrote, “I’m so proud of myself. Just sharing to inspire other women, cause I know once you carry twins to almost 42 weeks, especially with one breech, people will try to steer you towards induction or C-section.” She added, “You can do it, this was my second home birth all natural 7 hrs, no tearing & I couldn’t of done it without my spirit guides, Godparents, birth team, my elders, & the best dad doula ever Larry lol, he was so hands on the whole time I was really impressed it wasn’t easy but it gets done.” Walker continued, “Both births I almost blacked out at the end but eating your placenta will definitely keep you above water – I have thin blood so I always end up going to the hospital to bring myself back into good strength for them but as long as my kids stay at home untouched I’m good.” Summer now has three children. She shares the new babies with her ex, Larry. Her first child was fathered by London on da Track.

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