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(News) Tekashi 6ix9ine takes plea deal

(AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

Daniel Hernandez, better known as, Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested recently on chargers of being affiliated with the New York Gang Nine Trey Gansta Bloods. While with the gang the rapper robbed people at gun point, helped traffic drugs, aiding in the attempted murder of a rival gang member, and sexual actions with a minor. All the chargers have led up to a minimum of 47 years in federal prison. However, the New York rapper might get out of all these chargers. 6ix9ine plea for guilt recently went public and shows the details to his confession. According to the plea deal 6ix9ine’s cooperation in the investigation of Nine Trey has resulted in the U.S. Attorney in the South District of New York’s agreement “not to prosecute” him for crimes listed in the nine counts against him. 6ix9ine will not only be eligible for a shorter sentence, but witness protection for his confessions against the Nine Trey gang.


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