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(Oops Moment) Simone Biles Takes A Real “Tumble” At VMA’s

Okay, i almost feel bad for posting this, but it’s just too ironic that an olympic athlete who professionally tumbles, takes an actual tumble she couldn’t help. Fun with puns! Alllright you get it, so anyway, she had on some high-heels that i’m assuming she’s not used to wearing and just couldn’t make it down those stairs without falling. The best part? The fact her friends video tapped the whole thing go down (literally), and their commentary is awesome.

Hey, that’s how you know they’re your true friends though, the ones that laugh at you while still supporting you, keep those guys around.

P.S. Simone- i understand girl, i can’t walk in heels without looking like a baby deer either, keep doing you!

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