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(Performance) DMX’s First Gig Post-Jail Was at a Staten Island Sushi Bar

[Image Source: YouTube]

Imagine you’re at your favorite local sushi bar, which also happens to double as a club (Maine…let’s get on this), and as you’re chomping away on edamame and waiting for your rainbow roll, the live music starts up. The next thing you hear is “Ruff Ryders Anthem” and a fresh out of jail, but ready to kill the stage, DMX hops on the mic. Yes, this really happened at a Staten Island sushi bar called Mr. Ciao.

Originally, Ja Rule was supposed to perform at the event, however he cancelled last minute. Perhaps laying low for a little while in the midst of all this Fyre Festival talk. When you consider the circumstances, having DMX as your last second back up honestly couldn’t have been a better script flip.

DMX expressed his gratitude and how glad he was to be out of jail during the performance, saying “Being around this type of love and this type of energy is something you can’t buy. You can’t buy that sh*t. I love y’all.” He laughed as he stated, “jail is for suckas.”

Check the performance out below, and catch DMX at this year’s Rolling Loud Miami music festival.

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