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(Podcast) Hot Mornings – 02.04.21 Creative Cheaters

02.04.21 Creative Cheaters.. (Intro) Rosa Parks Birthday (Topic) Gronkowski cheats the system. What’s the most creative way you’ve cheated in school, work, or life?! (Dirty) Trey Songz sex tape allegedly links. Lil Uzi’s diamond implant. Lamar Odom to fight Aaron Carter. The Weeknd’s rescheduled After Hours Tour. Jadakiss NY subway PSA. (5TYNTK) Biden does not want to budge on $1400 direct payments. Canada declares the Proud Boys a terrorist group. Cinemagic taking an “intermission” until spring. Girl Scout Troop 6000 nears 1 million boxes sold. (Outro) Valentine’s Day Lobster Bouquet.

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