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(Podcast) Hot Mornings – 09.15.21 Unprofessional Outfit

09.15.21 Unprofessional Outfit… (Intro) Windham Warm Up (Topic) Have you ever been told that your outfit was unprofessional at work? (Dirty) Comedian Norm MacDonald passed away after a private decade long battle with cancer. Hip Hop wins as Fat Joe and Ja Rule complete their VERZUZ battle. Britney Spears is take a social media hiatus. Drake helps Jay-Z w/ entrance into an exclusive club. (5TYNTK) People under 20 account for nearly half of the new Covid cases reported in Maine on Tuesday. Cali Gov. defeats recall election. Owner of shut-down crematorium offered a deal. New Maine Turnpike in York is active today. Apple announces a new line of products. (Outro) VERZUZ battle reactions.

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