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(Podcast) Hot Mornings – 1.26.22 Caught Talking Smack

1.26.22 Caught Talking Smack… (Intro) RIP Kobe (Topic) Have you ever gotten caught talking smack about someone? What happened? (Dirty) Kanye issues warning to the Kardashians, takes a dig at Pete Davidson, and discusses a 2nd Kim K sex tape. Julia Fox nicknames her relationship w/ Kanye. Pamela Anderson will not be watching the Pam & Tommy miniseries. DaBaby calls cap on his 1.8 GPA. Spotify can have Joe Rogan or Young, but not both. (5TYNTK) Maine intensive care units dropped below 100 patients for the first time in months. Pfizer started clinical trials on an Omicron-specific vaccine. Walgreens stores will have free N95 masks as early as this Friday. Bangor BMV closed Thurs / Fri & opening new location Mon. David Ortiz elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame (Outro) Mahomies.

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