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(R.I.P.) Rest in Peace Aaliyah – 15 Years Gone

R&B singer and actress Aaliyah poses for a photo in New York on May 9, 2001. Aaliyah died Saturday, Aug. 25, 2001, when a small plane that was to carry her and eight others back to the United States crashed after takeoff in the Bahamas, authorities said. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper)

I cannot believe the beautiful angel that was Aaliyah has been gone for 15 years today. In her honor, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite Aaliyah songs (in no particular order, because really how could anyone rank such perfection).

5. Are You That Somebody

Timbaland understood what a goddess she was. Also, where can I get that lipstick shade because DAYUM.

4. Try Again

 Aaliyah giving life advice that we should all listen to quite frankly.

3. Rock the Boat

She passed away right after the making of this video. Just try not to cry watching this while thinking about that.

2. More Than a Woman

Aaliyah didn’t even have to tell us she was more than a woman (because, obviously), but we’re so glad that she did.

1. One in a Million

She truly was.


What’s your favorite Aaliyah song?

Image Source: Ap Images 

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