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(Random) Burger King To Reveal New ‘Angriest Whopper’

That’s right everyone! Burger King throwing HEAT (literally). Yo, good for them for trying to spice it up a bit (wow, I’m on a roll right now. Or…should I say…a bun? **Desktop explodes**    Wow I need to stop.) And look at that, they’re changing the game with their new Angriest Whopper just in time for literally nothing! Usually companies will release big time new products in anticipation of a specific holiday or event. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I don’t see their angle on this one. Maybe it’s an April fools prank, and the red Whopper is really gonna taste like strawberries or something. Only thing I know is that I’ve never purchased/consumed a Whopper in my life, and I ain’t about to make the “Angriest Whopper” my first. B’lieve dat.

-Mike Desveaux

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