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(Read) 5 Things You Need To Know: Monday, October 26, 2015


1. The powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake that struck northeastern Afghanistan Monday also rattled people in Pakistan, India and Tajikistan, killing dozens, collapsing structures and creating panic. The panic in itself was deadly — in one northern Afghan town, 12 schoolgirls died in a stampede as they tried to evacuate their school during the quake.

2. The Patriots rallied past the Jets in the fourth quarter to stay unbeaten on Sunday. Tom Brady threw two touchdown passes as the New England Patriots rallied for a 30-23 victory over the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium Sunday afternoon.

3. Monday marks the last full week before Maine’s Election Day. In Portland, residents will be voting to hike the minimum wage to $15 and on a separate question that would limit development to protect water views.

4. Happy Hour on Comet Lovejoy? At its peak, the comet released an amount of alcohol per second equal to what’s in 500 wine bottles, the Paris Observatory’s Nicolas Biver said. Sugar and other organic molecules were also found.

5. Applebee’s has announced they will compensate the autistic employee for 480 hours of unpaid labor. An agency placed Caleb Dyl, 21, in an unpaid position at a Rhode Island location, with his status set to change to a paid position in August 2014. However, he never saw one paycheck.

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