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(Read) 5 Things You Need To Know: Thursday, December 3, 2015

1. Police in California have identified the two suspects in yesterday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, both of whom were killed by police in a shootout following the massacre. According to The Los Angeles Times, police are “reasonably confident” that the couple were responsible for fatally shooting 14 people and wounding at least 17 others wounded at a center for developmentally disabled people. Farook, an American citizen who had worked for the county health department for five years, had reportedly left the event being held at the center shortly before the shooting took place. One witness told The New York Times that the killers were dressed in ski masks and vests, and arrived in a black SUV. While a third person was detained in the area, authorities later said they had not connected that person to the shooting.

2. A Chestnut tree in Lovell goes in the books as North America’s tallest! Discovered recently by a University of Maine forest scientist, the American chestnut is measured at 115 feet.

3. Time has released the 50 Most Instagrammed Places in America… can you guess what place is Maine made the list? Check here to find out!

4. Auburn has detected higher than expected lead levels in some household plumbing around the city. Routine testing of household water found more than double the amount detected three years ago. The test showed a spike of 23 parts per billion in 2015 in lead levels in some household plumbing fixtures. The Environmental Protection Agency says the acceptable level of lead is 15 parts per billion or less.

5. Yahoo is out with its list of the most-searched people or items of 2015, and MMA crossover star Ronda Rousey’s recent stunning loss at the hands of Holly Holm didn’t keep her out of the top 10, which is predictably stocked with Kardashian-Jenners:

  1. Bobbi Kristina Brown
  2. iPhone
  3. Caitlyn Jenner
  4. Kendall Jenner
  5. Minecraft
  6. Jennifer Aniston
  7. Kim Kardashian
  8. Katy Perry
  9. Ronda Rousey
  10. Farrah Abraham


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